Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jalen Duck

Aunt Cherish save me from the ROCKILATORS!!!!
(Treyson has combined the words alligators and crocidiles it cracks cherish up when he says it)

Treyson was so proud of this duck can ya tell?

Jalen's Duck

Jalen got a duck on Friday morning. He went hunting with one of his friends down here his brother T-Bone was proud of the duck and would go and grab it by the beak and keep qaucking like it was the duck and than would want us too shoot it again he loves hunting. The one photo is Jalen and his friend Chuck that Treyson calls Truck so that is what Nate named the boar pig is Truck. They were holding poor bone down and tickling him he gets the ticklishness from his mom it sucks! We have way too much fun around here!!!! I just got home from Lehi taking the kids half way it was a nice ride they all slept on the way up and Treyson was just happy on the way home he found a rock in the flower bed at Wendy's in Lehi and that was his new best friend the whole way home it kept him entertained what a kid it does not take much for him to be entertained cheap Christmas toys huh. Well we have now upgraded again to 5 calves so I am going outside to give them their 2nd feeding for the day yeah!! Treyson is watching cartoons every commercial that comes on he wants it all I tell him the Trudi will buy it for him he is pleased with the answer!

Saturday, October 18, 2008



1. I was in the 6th Grade at Red Hills Middle School in Richfield.
2. I was getting ready to go into Young Womens
3. I was only 11 (wow seems like longer than that!)

1. I was out on my mission and in the MTC learning Spanish.
2. Wondering when I could leave the MTC
3. Learning in about self reliance in the MTC

1. I was still dating Nate getting ready for our first Halloween with Jalen and Jocelyn and we went to the pumpkin patch with Wayne Cherish and the girls!
2. I was getting excited about my upcoming marriage in December!
3. I was living in Richfield working at dispatch for 2 years

1. We were anticipating Treysons first birthday and our 2 year wedding anniversary.
2. We were on home health for T-bone's $60,000.00 dime incedent and I was feeding him through a fedding tube and giving him antibiotics through his pic line yes 3 years ago can you believe it!
3. I was off work wondering if Treysons throat was going to heal and how much longer I was going to get 3-4 hrs of sleep a night worrying about feedings and medicines

1. We were living in Venice with all of our animals
2. Jalen was 13 and Jocelyn was 6 Tresyon was 2 going on 3
3. I dont know what else we did we are kind of boring dont do anything!

1. we got up and went to finish getting Annalees shower gift.
2. Jalen got a duck Treyson was so proud of his brover! (brother)
3. Nate got home from SLC and stayed home with the kids
4. I went to work YEAH got off at midnight!

1. We will go to church I am sure all as happy as they can be!!!!
2. We will be driving to Lehi to take Jalen and Jocelyn home
3. I will come home and go to bed or something its my day off!
4. Nate will leave for fresno on the truck

1.Jalen will be 15 and will get his learners permit if he passes!!!!
2. Jocelyn will be 8 and is terrified of the thoughts of getting baptized she thinks that she will drown.
3. Treyson will be 5 and can start kindergarten I am going to be a big boob! my baby going to kindergaten.
4. Nate and I will have been married 6 years
5. Nate will be 36 yrs old
6. I will be 33 years old
7.Treyson will finish his last year of preschool he is going for two years!

I tag Matea,Erin and anyone else!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Field Trip Day

T-Bone went on his first field trip for preschool. He went the the fire station as he puts it. He loved it and came home with a hat that he loves to wear around especially in his under wear what a kid! Jalen and Jocelyn are coming for Uea we have had them 3 weekends in a row it has been fun! We are going to carve pumpkins this weekend since we arent going to have them before haloween Jocelyn is so excited she is worried she wont have a pumkin big enough! Treyson decided to be spiderman so we got his costume at the springville walmart cause that is the only place I could find one to fit. He loves it and has been wearing the mask around. We are having fun and running places Treyson is going to preschool shortley and than we are going to get material for my cousins quilt we are giving her a bridal shower this weekend it will be fun.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Starting

Ok I am just starting I will post pictures hopefully by the weekend and start blogging