Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, I took my camera on a field trip with tbone to christmas tree lane and he accidently dropped it so I need a new camera!!!! We had a great Christmas. Jalen and Jocelyn were snowed in so we did not get them until the 27th. Jalen got a 12 guage shot gun with a hunting blind clothes shoes and a awesome night stand light made out of antlers. Jocelyn got a cute picket fence head board with a night stand and a way cute lamp,alarm clock barbie and clothes. Tbone got clothes a spider man scooter snow boots mac semi (lightening mcqueen) an awesome farm set that he got from aunt cherish he gave her a hug and kiss the week before so he could possibly get one!!! He loves it and some movies. They also got a two screen portable dvd player so my every other weekend commute to lehi will hopefully be a lot more peaceful!!! yeah. oh yeah Nate got a nice huskivarna chain saw and some Utah Jazz tickets. That is right we will be going on January 10th to celebrate our anniversary and christmas 23 rows behind the Jazz bench!!!! Watch for us we are going to tvo so hopefully we get shown!!!! I died my hair a darker brown so watch for dark brown hair no blond highlights right now!!!!!it is going to be fun. Grandma Cowley is keeping Tbone overnight so we will be home on Sunday!!!! I cant wait Nate and I dont get away too often so this will be nice!!!! As soon as my mom and I figure out how to burn pictures to a cd off of her computer I will get pictures of Jalen on here. We are working on that one we just cant quite figure it out with her program she has though. We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and we hope you have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!! I am I am working!!!!!

The Richards Family

Friday, December 12, 2008

5 years married, 4 years old, and a 1 year old

We have been married for 5 years today Treyson is turning 4 years old and Bridger Bradshaw is 1. Also my Great Uncle Jack would have had his birthday today as well but I am not sure how old he would have been. I have two pictures of Treyson but I need to get pictures of when he was born from my mom. I did not order any from the hospital becuase they were taken the night he was born with a cone head and they did not even really bathe him. I will get pictures of Jalen posted as well. I hope you dont fall asleep it is kind of long sorry!

Treyson Thomas " Tbone"

Treyson I was excited but scared when I got pregnent with Treyson. I had to stop all of my heart meds I was on 3 at that time immediatley. Went into Dr. Brown and he told me not to be offended but he did not even want to attempt to deliver him in Richfield and felt more comfortable if I delivered in Provo incase anything happened. My heart Dr liked that idea as well. He set me up with some baby specialist that were from the U but came to Utah Valley to monitor my pregnency. Since I was 5 weeks along I was to a Dr once a week getting blood pressure checked etc.... Wether it be in Richfield and Provo and also having ultrasounds once a month. We found out we were having a little boy in late July Nate had to stay home and work so my mom and Jocelyn and I went to my specialist appointment in provo and there it was he was definatly a boy!!! no mistaking it. They asked me every visit if I knew what I was having I had to tell them yes but let me know if it changed. It never did. I had a very good pregnancy no complications. A female Dr delivered Treyson I cant remember her name due to the fact I met her 3 weeks before I delivered. So on the night of December 11th we went to Nates Christmas party and the Meacham family party. When I got home I kept going to the bathroom I told Nate I did not think I drank that much water tonight. After midnight while going potty a gush of fluid came didn't think anything of it. At about 3:30 am I knew I was having labor pains and since we had made a trip to provo the week before in false labor we didnt want to do it again. So I did what the drs told me to take a warm bath and if the pains get worse that usually means you are in labor. Well they got worse so I told Nate to pack a bag and we would go to Richfield and get checked first before going to provo. He said nope your not in labor we will just end up coming back home. So we went to sevier valley first they hooked me up and yeah I was having contractions they checked me and did a test came back and asked if I had been leaking fluids it was about 4 in the morning I told her at abou 1215 I kept going potty and a gush came. Her eyes kind of got big and said well you are 90 percent ephased and dialated to a 3 let me call Dr Brown. In came happy dr brown he looked at us and said head up to provo I will call them and they will be waiting for you I will call your Dr. He had to tell Nate 3 times we were having a baby that day and it would not be a waisted trip. Than by about 5 in the morning I realized I had to be to work at 6 am so we had to call my boss Kathy and she had to call us back when she woke up and realized what we told her. So we went home and packed Nate a bag!!! and headed north. Almost hit a deer just out of Venice and almost hit one coming into Levan. We had to stop in Nephi so Nate could get some caffeine to wake him up. My pains were getting a little harder but not too bad. We got to Utah Valley and went up to the delivery floor and had to argue with the nurses that I was the cardiac patient they were expecting. I were there by 730 am. I was dialted to a 4 when I got there and still 90 percent I believe. Than my favorite thing happened I had an epidural in me right when I got there. I could not push or they did not want me to feel any labor due to less stress on my heart. I had to let treyson work his way through the birth canal. I was fully dialated by noon however it took him a while to work his way down. At about 6 pm My mom and my two sister inlaws Cherish and Michelle walked in. They werent there for very long when the Dr said we were ready she said they could stay in the room it was up to me and I told them I did not care. Nate told my mom she had to sit in the chair and no sound effects as my mom usually does. It was a neat experience until one of the sister in laws had to say so thats what it looks like thanks guys. Tbone came out with a fast heart rate which I am sure he still has and the dr told the nurse it was ok cause his heart rate was fast during the whole pregnancy which it was! we stayed in Utah Valley for 2 days and was able to bring our sweet one home. I love being a mom to 3 great kids!!! Happy Birthday Tbone!

My Grandma Meacham She died in August of 04
Nate his brother Trinity, dad Thomas and Shilo
with little Jalen.
The Line the night of our wedding
My Family Cody, Wayne, Jared, Donovon My dad Brent and Mom Julie

Yes I am the only GIRL My brothers and I

We had the privilage of having one of my most favorit persons in the world marry us Grandpa Nate aka Nate Tebbs my sister in law Cherish's Dad. They kind of adopted me into the family and it was perfect he was a bishop at the time he could marry us!!

Look at how little and cute Jalen and Jocelyn were(and still are of course) Jalen was 9 and Jocelyn was 3 Me and my Honey!!

The Story Of How We Met

I was 26 Nate was 30 I started going to the "older" Singles activities for something to do. Through one of my friends I had met a person their by the name of Dorothy Muir. She kept telling me that this guy had come to a singles activity one that I had missed and she gave him my number. Well over a month had gone by and Dorothy kept asking if he had called me yet. Heck no everyone kept telling me they had someone to set me up with so I just blew it off until the call came one day. I was surprised. He wanted to take me out so we made our plans. I was running on the ambulance at that time our first date was August 1st 2003 one of the busiest weekends on the ambulance and I believe that weekend still holds the record. I had to find someone to cover my shift so I could go on this date. I was so nervous he came to my door and picked me up my first though was hummm not bad and look at those gorgeous blue eyes and the eyelashes. He was driving a 1986 blue and white ford diesel pickup at the time. He made a comment about his truck and I told him not to worry I was used to farm trucks I think I hurt his feelings some. We went miniture golfing in which I kicked his butt!!!! and went to Mad house in Salina to eat. We kind of decided we didnt want to end the date so we went and rented movies. I cant remember what time he left my house but it was late. We set up another date which I figured he would just not call well he called the next day and came over to hang out. He came in that second night had a horse shoe trader paper and a mountain dew I looked up and he had pulled a Dr pepper out of his back pocket I tell him that is when he had me was at the Dr Pepper. We dated and did not spend very many days apart. He left roses on my back porch step and when I got off work at midnight that was the best thing in the world to come home too!!! I want to thank him for 5 of the most wonderful years of my life. I love being married to him and cant wait for many more!!!! Happy Anniversary Nate I love You Very Much!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jocelyn Grace "Joss" "Sis"

This was taken at Cove Fort We love Jocelyn so much and are so glad she is in our family

Jocelyn at the Wildlife Museum in St George listening about Kangaroo's

Jocelyn at her family birthday party.

Here are some Pcitures of Jocelyn This was her first friend birthday party !! we had a princess cake, played pin the pony tail on the party girl had a treasuer hunt. Their prizes were gift bags of makeup,fingernail polish, necklace, lip gloss !!! I know we had homemade pizza and breadsticks and watched princess diaries. It was so much fun

Her Friend Birthday cake.

Easter 2008 Rolling eggs.

Christmas party 2007 She just loves Santa!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Treyson Thomas Richards "Tbone"

Santa Clause 2007 can he come soon enough this year? He keeps asking if this is Grandpa Cowley says it is like Grandpa . Grandpa is santas helper sometimes and helps with Parties etc... He has not talked to Santa yet so he know Christmas is not here yet.
3rd birthday my very own tractor cake 2007

I can watch T.V. and sleep at the same time I am talanted!

Tbone the dog Halloween 2007

I love Chocolate

This is how Treyson used to sleep a lot I would go and check on him and he would be out with the Michael Jackson glove and his hat on

He likes to wear his dads socks around as well (notice the semi in the back ground he was 2 at this time he has always loved them!)

Erin does this look familier WE MISS U GUYS! I need to get you some of these pictures. T-Bone and Brookie Nixon!

I love Frosting

My cousin Taivee and I

My good little helper sometimes we fight over who gets to vacuum

My bestest buddy in the whole world Jalen

After eating some of Jalens Birthday cake in June!

I believe him and Jalen were messing around with the camera

Tbones daily chores of feeding the calves he is getting to be such a big help I love it!

Treyson says this is is goat poor thing he rides her grabs her horns and chases her all over the fields I field bad for the poor thing! he is funny. And yes he does dress himself so clothes will be on backwards in some of these pictures

I know I know there are alot of pictures tomorrow will be of Jocelyn I am getting better at taking my camera places.

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8 Shows I like to watch...

1. The Hills
2. CSI-Miami
3. CSI
4. Law and Order
5. Law and Order-SVU
6. Gillmore Girls
7. What I like about you
8. The starter Wife

8 Restaurants I Like...

1. Apple Bees
2. El Mexicano
3. Winger's- but I hate the sauce.
4. Chuckarama
6. Rice King Buffet
7. Cant think of others we dont eat out much
8. Can't think of another.

8 Things that happened yesterday...

1. Went to work
2. Picked up Bone from Grandma Cowleys
3.Chased goats well bone chased them while I watched him put them back in.
4. Went and got calf milk
5. Did chores
6. Cooked Supper
7. Excercised to pilates on the ball and pilates with band yeah I can feel it today!
8. went to bed

8 I things I'm looking forward to...

1. Nate coming home this weekend! yeah he has been gone almost 2 weeks
2. Thanksgiving .
3. Christmas
4. Decorating for Christmas
5. work to be done for today
6. Excercising tonight I will take lots of advil!
7. Nate coming home !!!!!! this is the longest we have been apart in 5 years 2 weeks
8. The goats staying in.

8 things on my wish list...

1. A trip to Australia
2. An alaskan Cruise
3. Nate to come home
4. A monday through friday job!
5. That I wouldn't have to work Chirstmas Eve and Christmas Day- Not going to happen
6. Vacation anywhere!
7.Nate to have a job where he could be home at nights
8. To be a stay at home mom one day hahaha

I tag everyone

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ohhh MY!

Amberle and I were excercising we started last night to do pilates with the ball. Well T-bone cant be left out and would not leave us alone so we went to walmart and bought a little 2.00 lightening mcqueen ball for his excercise ball. You have never laughed so hard in your life I will try and get pictures of T-bone not of Me and Ambs we will post with end results. But Treyson stuck through two excercise videos one with the ball and the other belly butt and thighs! He did all the actions with his ball and everything I could not help but laugh my head off needles to say I did not excercise my best last night it was too comical. I told Nate about it and he laughed his butt off he said he was going to ask bone how we excercised he will show you he is so stinkin funny!!!!!! I will try to get pictures

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My LIttle Goat Herder

Tbone is the best goat, cow, pig and dog herder in the world!! When anything gets out I send him chasing after them it is the best. I am at work it is 4:24 in the morning. I tried to take a nap tonight and it was so cute cause I told tbone that he had to stay in the house and not go anywhere he likes to go and visit Aunt Gaye and Uncle Rulon alot about everyday he goes to get cookies and play with Uncle Rulon and tease him! So he told me he was going to tuck me in . Well he did pulled the blankets way up and gave me a kiss goodnight it was so cute. He is so full of it one minute and the cutest sweetest little boy the next. He is going to be spending two nights a week at the tenders. My shifts are Monday Tuesday Wednesday 6a - 2p and Graves Wednesday night and Thursday night I get off on Friday mornings and do not have to be back to work until Monday morning. I know you may think it is a crappy shift but I am at least home on the weekends with my hubby and kids now!!! What a way to do it huh? I have some pictures but the computer is not working tonight or something so I will try again in the morning. I will post some more pictures tomorrow

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Guess what Tbone was. This is not the better pictures by the third time of painting his face I did alot better. My camera was dead on Halloween night and I could not get my batteries charged my charger died. But after a few gentle words I did get the battery charger to work last night. I have more pictures to post which will be posted through out the next few days and hopefully I can get a video or something going on the website as well!

Dad thats one hell of a big truck!

Amberle and I went to West Jordan to Hales theatre I know people I sat through a musical! We went to into the woods it was actually pretty darn good! Some of the songs were a little long and it was like 3 hours or so but it was good all of the stores had 50 percent off sales so I did get some Christmas and T-Bone birthday shopping done. So while I was away Nate went and got part of his Christmas off layaway at larsens a new chain saw. The smile as he uses it he even asks if I can hear him use it what a crack up. Him and T-Bone spent the day and while at Larsens Ace Hardware T-bone got a new big truck cause dad caved! After they got to the truck and on their way home Treyson grabbed Nates face and said Dad thats one hell of a big truck. What a kid I know.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jalen Duck

Aunt Cherish save me from the ROCKILATORS!!!!
(Treyson has combined the words alligators and crocidiles it cracks cherish up when he says it)

Treyson was so proud of this duck can ya tell?

Jalen's Duck

Jalen got a duck on Friday morning. He went hunting with one of his friends down here his brother T-Bone was proud of the duck and would go and grab it by the beak and keep qaucking like it was the duck and than would want us too shoot it again he loves hunting. The one photo is Jalen and his friend Chuck that Treyson calls Truck so that is what Nate named the boar pig is Truck. They were holding poor bone down and tickling him he gets the ticklishness from his mom it sucks! We have way too much fun around here!!!! I just got home from Lehi taking the kids half way it was a nice ride they all slept on the way up and Treyson was just happy on the way home he found a rock in the flower bed at Wendy's in Lehi and that was his new best friend the whole way home it kept him entertained what a kid it does not take much for him to be entertained cheap Christmas toys huh. Well we have now upgraded again to 5 calves so I am going outside to give them their 2nd feeding for the day yeah!! Treyson is watching cartoons every commercial that comes on he wants it all I tell him the Trudi will buy it for him he is pleased with the answer!

Saturday, October 18, 2008



1. I was in the 6th Grade at Red Hills Middle School in Richfield.
2. I was getting ready to go into Young Womens
3. I was only 11 (wow seems like longer than that!)

1. I was out on my mission and in the MTC learning Spanish.
2. Wondering when I could leave the MTC
3. Learning in about self reliance in the MTC

1. I was still dating Nate getting ready for our first Halloween with Jalen and Jocelyn and we went to the pumpkin patch with Wayne Cherish and the girls!
2. I was getting excited about my upcoming marriage in December!
3. I was living in Richfield working at dispatch for 2 years

1. We were anticipating Treysons first birthday and our 2 year wedding anniversary.
2. We were on home health for T-bone's $60,000.00 dime incedent and I was feeding him through a fedding tube and giving him antibiotics through his pic line yes 3 years ago can you believe it!
3. I was off work wondering if Treysons throat was going to heal and how much longer I was going to get 3-4 hrs of sleep a night worrying about feedings and medicines

1. We were living in Venice with all of our animals
2. Jalen was 13 and Jocelyn was 6 Tresyon was 2 going on 3
3. I dont know what else we did we are kind of boring dont do anything!

1. we got up and went to finish getting Annalees shower gift.
2. Jalen got a duck Treyson was so proud of his brover! (brother)
3. Nate got home from SLC and stayed home with the kids
4. I went to work YEAH got off at midnight!

1. We will go to church I am sure all as happy as they can be!!!!
2. We will be driving to Lehi to take Jalen and Jocelyn home
3. I will come home and go to bed or something its my day off!
4. Nate will leave for fresno on the truck

1.Jalen will be 15 and will get his learners permit if he passes!!!!
2. Jocelyn will be 8 and is terrified of the thoughts of getting baptized she thinks that she will drown.
3. Treyson will be 5 and can start kindergarten I am going to be a big boob! my baby going to kindergaten.
4. Nate and I will have been married 6 years
5. Nate will be 36 yrs old
6. I will be 33 years old
7.Treyson will finish his last year of preschool he is going for two years!

I tag Matea,Erin and anyone else!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Field Trip Day

T-Bone went on his first field trip for preschool. He went the the fire station as he puts it. He loved it and came home with a hat that he loves to wear around especially in his under wear what a kid! Jalen and Jocelyn are coming for Uea we have had them 3 weekends in a row it has been fun! We are going to carve pumpkins this weekend since we arent going to have them before haloween Jocelyn is so excited she is worried she wont have a pumkin big enough! Treyson decided to be spiderman so we got his costume at the springville walmart cause that is the only place I could find one to fit. He loves it and has been wearing the mask around. We are having fun and running places Treyson is going to preschool shortley and than we are going to get material for my cousins quilt we are giving her a bridal shower this weekend it will be fun.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Starting

Ok I am just starting I will post pictures hopefully by the weekend and start blogging