Sunday, April 19, 2009

HAPPY 36TH!!!!!

Today is Nates 36th birthday I hope it is a great one!!!!! We love you!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!! Easter weekend

The easter bunny visited our house today Jalen and Jocelyn go home to tomorrow and that gives them a day to enjoy their stuff. It also helps with church that they are not thinking about it during church. We had a family BBQ today for Nate and Jocelyn's birthday. Nate will be 36 or 31 he tells everyone on the 19th. It was so much fun we had good food marinated turkey steaks and beef steak with dutched over taters and nummy salads and cake!!! Thanks everyone for presents and supportin our family below are pictures of the past couple of days we have had fun!!! Ohh yeah Jalen got clothes, a roping steer head, and a new rope , Jocelyn got a barbie make over head (you can do the hair) clothes bubbles new shoes and everything else she got for her b-day she has made a killing this weekend. Tbone got clothes shoes, a rope, and a plastic set of golf clubs that he thinks is the bomb he has been golfing around the house already and trying to rope every one. They even made a good haul of candy!!! YIKES.

************************* The easter egg throw****************************

all of the kids down at the bottom of the hill trying to hit Nate

Nate trying to hit the kids with eggs

Jalen and his friend Chuck ducking from Nate

Nates fancy foot work so he wont get hit

The after math of it all!!

Jalen and Chuck at the top of the hill

Jocelyn and my nephew Keifer

Tbone what can we say other than at least this year he did not roll down the hill like the eggs. He took quite the roll last year chasing one of his eggs

Another pic of Tbone Sorry

Jocelyn and Keifer

Jalen and Chuck!!
**************************** The Family BBQ *********************

Nate putting on Jocelyns fake nails she got for her B-Day how cute!!

Aunt Michelle

G&G Cowley Aunt Gaye and Uncle Rulon at the BBQ

Nate and Jocelyn blowing out their cake

**************** Coloring of Easter Eggs Friday Night***********

There are two pictures sorry!

They pretty looking eggs!!

Yes Tbone is in his underwear its easier to hide the dye stains that way

If a 14 year old almost 15 will color eggs!!

I dont want to know what Jalen and Tbone were contemplating

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jocelyn turns 8!!!

Jocelyn turned 8 on Monday April 6th. We had her birthday party today we were able to get the kids on the 8th for easter weekend!!! We had her party and started out eating home made pizza and cheese sticks with strawberry short cake. It was so nummy!! than we went to snow college and had their hair and nails done. we had bright orange,bright blue, gold, purple and hot pink with polka dots,flowers or what ever could be done it was so fun!!!! She got a lot of really nice presents purse hair stuff and a hula hoop that lights up to name a few!!

The Birthday girl

Jay bug trying her hand at hula hooping

opening presents

After the college
Like an idiot I forgot the camera at the college to take before and after pictures I am getting old!!! We hope you had a great birthday sis we love you!!!!