Thursday, January 29, 2009

Had a bad day

Marrisa I thought of you at this title!! I got home from work yesterday Treyson and I went to do chores. We have triplets goats that were born 4 days ago way stinkin cute. Tbone thinks he is their protector if he decides the mom is not feeding them right he carries them over to her so they can eat what a kid!!! When he was out helping me they were out of the pen which he was concerned so he started carrying them around the fence to put them up every time he put one up another one would get out and so the cycled continued. On the last one he tripped over something I dont know what but he hurt his foot and his head side of his ear. As he was running to me and I was booking it to him so he would not pass out he slipped opening the other fence and hit his back on the fence post. Poor thing He thought that he had hurt that baby goat and sobbed until he seen it walk to its mom just fine!! This is one of many bad days like this. The day before he smacked his forehead on something and slipped on ice what a kid. And if you dont know treyson when he gets hurt and cries way hard tends to hold his breath and pass out but if you get to him intime he doesnt I am used to it now but Nate is not!!! I hopefully will be putting a new camera on layaway soon!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mom there is a lot of dust in the kitchen!!!

I got off work at 6 am this morning. at about 10 Treyson comes running in mom there is alot of dust in the kitchen. I was trying to figure out what he was talking about. I went running up to the kitchen full of smoke and the microwave going with 3 min and 35 sec still left on it!!! He decided he was going to warm up his own breadstick on a glass plate. Yeah!! He kept telling me that there was dust in the kitchen and we needed Uncle Rulon I told him we did not need Uncle Rulon ( he is my great uncle that lives 2 houses down) I was opening windows and here he comes dressed with coat and boots I asked him where he was going and he told me to get Uncle Rulon. I told him no we are fine the dust just needed to go out the windows!!! He is 4 years old so we had to have a talk that he does not cook his own food unless mom or dad is here to help. What !!!! I did not think I would have that talk at 4 years old with him!!! other than that we are doing great. Nate went to missouri this week and loaded in Kansas and is on his way to wyoming to unload pipe. I miss him wished he was home but what do you do. I hope all is having a great week!!!!!