Friday, March 20, 2009

Treyson and the Police Officer

This is my friend Jeff Kearney aka "Shrek" as bone now calls him "Shrek the third" he was kind enough to come to Tbones preschool for show and tell. His teacher each week has letter show and tell. It was "P" show and tell so he took a police officer. Shrek was awesome he talked about booster seats, seat belts, helmets, and gun safety he did a wonderful job and we appreciate him for it!!!!! Thanks Shrek (for those that don't know I work with shrek through 911 dispatch that is how he got himself into this!)

Shrek and Tbone Treyson is showing off Shreks unloaded gun!!

Shrek let Tbone play with the lights and Sirens What a face!!!! He was so excited!!! Maybe a future cop on our hands?? Who knows

This shows how loud the siren was!!!!
Thanks Shrek when Nate got home Tbone ran up and goes Dad Shrek the third came to school and he let me play in his cop car!!! What a kid!

Jalen Nathan Richards "J" "Brover"

This post is long over due about Jalen I will have to find newer ones I my computer. Jalen will be 15 in June yes people he will be getting his learners!!!! AHHHHH where has the time gone. He was 9 when Nate and I were married! Here are some pictures of Jalen enjoy.

Showing his lamb county fair 2004

Thinking he is cool driving dump truck. Stephanie helped a local farmer drive dump trucks in 2004 so the kids got to go with me while Nate drove tractor for the same farmer.

baseball (look at how young)

This is what happens for your 12th birthday. Especially when you go to scout camp and run with a glass bottle this was 2 days after it happened!!

And the birthday party. Nate was able to get time off to go with Jalen to thunder ridge I believe down by Cedar. The night he got down there Jalen was running at night with a glass bottle tripped and Nate was able to take him to the emergency room in Cedar and bring him home. What a bonding moment. Not the kind of phone call you want at about 11 pm .

Pine Lake not sure the year

School band performance yes it is a trumpet 2006

I dont know when this was taken but he looks good!

Utah history assembly 2005 (our little indian)
I will find some updated photos on my computer!! I thought there were more updated ones on my moms. But this is a glimpse of Jalen or "J" or my bestest brover as Tbone calls him. He is awesome we love him so much. He helps us out a lot with the animals, cooking, (yes he loves it and I love the help) and everything else we ask him to do . He is a great big brother to Jocelyn and Treyson and a wonderful son. We are proud he is in our family!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I know I know I know!!!

It has been a while Me and Tbone have been sick and I am just starting to feel like doing stuff!! Things are pretty routine I will get pictures of Jalen downloaded from my moms soon and Tbones show and tell pictures as well. Ms. Dana has show and tell on thursdays and you take something that starts with the letter they learned that week. A couple of weeks ago it was p week so he took a police officer. Thank you Shrek aka "Jeff Kearney" but is known as shrek cause if you painted him green he would look just like him. Tbone was so excited he got home and told his dad that shrek the third was at school and he got to play with the lights and sirens and had some awesome goodies!! Shrek did a good job about teaching about car seats gun safety bike and helmet safety it was awesome!!!! I will post pictures. I went to Rascall Flats Concert and that was the best concert in the world it would have been better with out jessica simpson!! She forgot her lines did not move much but shook her butt enough for everyone she was terrible!!! Rascal flats was awesome they did good involved the crowd so good!!! If I can get Amberle to email me some pictures I will down load some did not take a camera mine is broke and have not got a new one. All is going well Jocelyn will be 8 soon April 6 so getting ready for birthday parties etc and Nate will be an age I cannot disclose at this time on April 19th. I will post pictures soon I promise. I hope all is well with everyone!!