Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jocelyn Grace "Joss" "Sis"

This was taken at Cove Fort We love Jocelyn so much and are so glad she is in our family

Jocelyn at the Wildlife Museum in St George listening about Kangaroo's

Jocelyn at her family birthday party.

Here are some Pcitures of Jocelyn This was her first friend birthday party !! we had a princess cake, played pin the pony tail on the party girl had a treasuer hunt. Their prizes were gift bags of makeup,fingernail polish, necklace, lip gloss !!! I know we had homemade pizza and breadsticks and watched princess diaries. It was so much fun

Her Friend Birthday cake.

Easter 2008 Rolling eggs.

Christmas party 2007 She just loves Santa!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Treyson Thomas Richards "Tbone"

Santa Clause 2007 can he come soon enough this year? He keeps asking if this is Grandpa Cowley says it is like Grandpa . Grandpa is santas helper sometimes and helps with Parties etc... He has not talked to Santa yet so he know Christmas is not here yet.
3rd birthday my very own tractor cake 2007

I can watch T.V. and sleep at the same time I am talanted!

Tbone the dog Halloween 2007

I love Chocolate

This is how Treyson used to sleep a lot I would go and check on him and he would be out with the Michael Jackson glove and his hat on

He likes to wear his dads socks around as well (notice the semi in the back ground he was 2 at this time he has always loved them!)

Erin does this look familier WE MISS U GUYS! I need to get you some of these pictures. T-Bone and Brookie Nixon!

I love Frosting

My cousin Taivee and I

My good little helper sometimes we fight over who gets to vacuum

My bestest buddy in the whole world Jalen

After eating some of Jalens Birthday cake in June!

I believe him and Jalen were messing around with the camera

Tbones daily chores of feeding the calves he is getting to be such a big help I love it!

Treyson says this is is goat poor thing he rides her grabs her horns and chases her all over the fields I field bad for the poor thing! he is funny. And yes he does dress himself so clothes will be on backwards in some of these pictures

I know I know there are alot of pictures tomorrow will be of Jocelyn I am getting better at taking my camera places.

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8 Shows I like to watch...

1. The Hills
2. CSI-Miami
3. CSI
4. Law and Order
5. Law and Order-SVU
6. Gillmore Girls
7. What I like about you
8. The starter Wife

8 Restaurants I Like...

1. Apple Bees
2. El Mexicano
3. Winger's- but I hate the sauce.
4. Chuckarama
6. Rice King Buffet
7. Cant think of others we dont eat out much
8. Can't think of another.

8 Things that happened yesterday...

1. Went to work
2. Picked up Bone from Grandma Cowleys
3.Chased goats well bone chased them while I watched him put them back in.
4. Went and got calf milk
5. Did chores
6. Cooked Supper
7. Excercised to pilates on the ball and pilates with band yeah I can feel it today!
8. went to bed

8 I things I'm looking forward to...

1. Nate coming home this weekend! yeah he has been gone almost 2 weeks
2. Thanksgiving .
3. Christmas
4. Decorating for Christmas
5. work to be done for today
6. Excercising tonight I will take lots of advil!
7. Nate coming home !!!!!! this is the longest we have been apart in 5 years 2 weeks
8. The goats staying in.

8 things on my wish list...

1. A trip to Australia
2. An alaskan Cruise
3. Nate to come home
4. A monday through friday job!
5. That I wouldn't have to work Chirstmas Eve and Christmas Day- Not going to happen
6. Vacation anywhere!
7.Nate to have a job where he could be home at nights
8. To be a stay at home mom one day hahaha

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ohhh MY!

Amberle and I were excercising we started last night to do pilates with the ball. Well T-bone cant be left out and would not leave us alone so we went to walmart and bought a little 2.00 lightening mcqueen ball for his excercise ball. You have never laughed so hard in your life I will try and get pictures of T-bone not of Me and Ambs we will post with end results. But Treyson stuck through two excercise videos one with the ball and the other belly butt and thighs! He did all the actions with his ball and everything I could not help but laugh my head off needles to say I did not excercise my best last night it was too comical. I told Nate about it and he laughed his butt off he said he was going to ask bone how we excercised he will show you he is so stinkin funny!!!!!! I will try to get pictures

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My LIttle Goat Herder

Tbone is the best goat, cow, pig and dog herder in the world!! When anything gets out I send him chasing after them it is the best. I am at work it is 4:24 in the morning. I tried to take a nap tonight and it was so cute cause I told tbone that he had to stay in the house and not go anywhere he likes to go and visit Aunt Gaye and Uncle Rulon alot about everyday he goes to get cookies and play with Uncle Rulon and tease him! So he told me he was going to tuck me in . Well he did pulled the blankets way up and gave me a kiss goodnight it was so cute. He is so full of it one minute and the cutest sweetest little boy the next. He is going to be spending two nights a week at the tenders. My shifts are Monday Tuesday Wednesday 6a - 2p and Graves Wednesday night and Thursday night I get off on Friday mornings and do not have to be back to work until Monday morning. I know you may think it is a crappy shift but I am at least home on the weekends with my hubby and kids now!!! What a way to do it huh? I have some pictures but the computer is not working tonight or something so I will try again in the morning. I will post some more pictures tomorrow

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Guess what Tbone was. This is not the better pictures by the third time of painting his face I did alot better. My camera was dead on Halloween night and I could not get my batteries charged my charger died. But after a few gentle words I did get the battery charger to work last night. I have more pictures to post which will be posted through out the next few days and hopefully I can get a video or something going on the website as well!

Dad thats one hell of a big truck!

Amberle and I went to West Jordan to Hales theatre I know people I sat through a musical! We went to into the woods it was actually pretty darn good! Some of the songs were a little long and it was like 3 hours or so but it was good all of the stores had 50 percent off sales so I did get some Christmas and T-Bone birthday shopping done. So while I was away Nate went and got part of his Christmas off layaway at larsens a new chain saw. The smile as he uses it he even asks if I can hear him use it what a crack up. Him and T-Bone spent the day and while at Larsens Ace Hardware T-bone got a new big truck cause dad caved! After they got to the truck and on their way home Treyson grabbed Nates face and said Dad thats one hell of a big truck. What a kid I know.