Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Fun!!

I know I hope no one passes out since I have a new post!! Here are alot of pictures of what went on during the summer at our house and there will be more to come!! Stock show and other pictures Enjoy We had swimming lessons fishing camping etc.. at our house and I will post pictures cause alot of pictures are at my moms

This is what happens when the kids are to weed he garden and mom and dad sneak away to go have lunch!!! The fight was on between these two and their love hate relationsip!

Yes the kids tend to dress themselves they are snow boots can we say Napolien Dynamite????

WHooo Woooo Sexy little man slip and sliding!!

Tbone Swimm Lessons

Jocelyn swimming lessons she did awesome!!

free fishing day

Fathers day nate had to work so we sent him a picture on the phone.

More stuff will be coming over the next few days!!

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KimandMatt said...

Your kids are getting so big. The garen pictures that just sounds lik fun!!!